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Seven Lamps

Written By: admin - Feb• 15•15

Here is a place that anyone will love. The name is Seven Lamps.

It is a great urban food. I would recommend it. Get a reservation if you are going 7pm or later.

Also I think there is nothing that can be a five star. Because nothing is perfect.  So I’d say it is a 4.9 out of five star.

Wait til you hear: This menu changes daily. I got the duck breast. It is the third pic. It comes with pig cheek. And not the cheeks you usually eat. đŸ˜‰

I have to say the goose liver was great and this place isn’t that expensive.

Ah you know what happened to the lost bun? He turned into a bread pudding.  With butter popcorn ice cream on top.

All the flavors came together.


Garlic Mussels with home made sausage and some bread

Garlic Mussels with homemade sausage and bread.


3 New York oysters and 1 Washington oyster.

3 big New York oysters (at the top of the pic) & 3 Washington plump & clean oysters.


Winter butternut squash soup with plum kernels.

Winter butternut squash with creme fresh and plum.


Duck breast on roasted corn & perl onions in jus and sweet potatoe creme

Duck breast on roasted carrots & perl onions with jus &  sweet potato creme


Homemade french fries

Homemade french fries.


Bread pudding with buttered popcorn ice cream.

Juke Joint #1 issue

Written By: admin - Feb• 07•15


An African based themed restaurant, The Juke Joint, the best thing about it is the good old fashioned southern tastes. I have to say it has a small menu but great food choices. Like for a starter you can get the crispy craw fish. Oh don’t get me started on the entrĂ©es. They have herb roasted chicken and also they have peach glazed Atlantic salmon. If you want a nice smooth diner and sweet dreamy live jazz music then come over. A fun fact juke (jook) is a African word that means to dance. But don’t take my word for it. Try it! See you guys in the next one.


A small size peach cobbler but delicious too.


Written By: admin - Oct• 06•14

Paint, cloth, burlap.


Written By: admin - Jul• 01•14

Twigs, frabric, clay, cardboard and tape



He won 1st place at Deering Estates.

Alice In Wonderland

Written By: admin - May• 08•14


School Project

Ceramic Hippo

Written By: admin - May• 08•14

Won 1st Place at the Dade County Youth Fair 2014.






Written By: admin - Apr• 28•14



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Spring Butterfly

Written By: admin - Mar• 28•14


Dancing Open Heart

Written By: admin - Mar• 15•14


Pipe glue on Cardboard etched with pencil painted with acrylic.

Symbolizes that people have an open heart and are kind.

The Nature Warrior

Written By: admin - Jan• 26•14

Inspired the movie EPIC to make my own leaf man warrior.